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etymology: Origin: CWS permutation of the word "white trash", shortened to "double U T" then reshortened to dubtee.
That wife beater shirt with the br stain is hell of dubtee.
by Rich April 12, 2005
One who excessivly pwns oober nooobs and/or noobasaurus rexs'. Is to be screamed at the oobernoob in question to taunt them. Has a negative conotation.
When you see Taylor passing in the hallway scream noobkillah!
by Rich December 31, 2004
generally of uk southern origin, a fairy is someone who lives in the London catchment area or within an hours drive, thus gaining a Mockney (mock cockney) accent. Usually can be found ordering a shandy in any bar or pub and being generally offensive to any surrounding patrons in the public area. Renowned for replacing U's in swear words with A's.
"alright you fackin cant, oi'll ave a lager shaaaaandy, gav'nor!"
by rich March 27, 2004
Physical blow to the male groin
Sammy hit George with a hard cock-punch
by Rich April 25, 2003
turning off ignition (usually in a stickshift), let it turn engine for a second or two, and turning it back on for a cherrybomb-like report! Works best when you're beside a pedestrian!
Expect to replace your muffler...
in my friend Bob's 52 Mercury
by rich March 06, 2005
mass production, to have large scale of manufacturing
Asian factories will be churning out more large panels for LCD TVs.
by Rich February 15, 2005
Fishskin disease most probably will haunt your dreams.
by rich January 26, 2005

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