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originated from v-unit in the early 1960's. vex means to annoy or be annoyed by something
dont vex me up man- dont annoy me
by Rich November 18, 2004
one who masturbates at least 10 times a week.
we asked craig to go to the City tonight, but he said he'd rather stay home and be a helmet pincher.
by rich April 26, 2004
National Bohemian beer produced in Baltimore, MD. One who drinks Natibo usually squints with one eye.
Yo, lets go to the store and get some Natibo for the party.
by Rich March 02, 2005
mass production, to have large scale of manufacturing
Asian factories will be churning out more large panels for LCD TVs.
by Rich February 15, 2005
Physical blow to the male groin
Sammy hit George with a hard cock-punch
by Rich April 25, 2003
turning off ignition (usually in a stickshift), let it turn engine for a second or two, and turning it back on for a cherrybomb-like report! Works best when you're beside a pedestrian!
Expect to replace your muffler...
in my friend Bob's 52 Mercury
by rich March 06, 2005
Inbred Community of retards and general idiots. Go to LANs and do spastic things. Most importantly we're better than you.

King-Daeds crouchjumped off a step and broke multiple bones and had his trousers cut off in the ambulance.
by Rich April 17, 2004

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