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99% of rappers out there!
talk about rims and money in every song. bling bling. wtf does that mean.
by rich December 01, 2003
Someone who is so fat they look like they are going to pop.
Think about the starving children you fucking food blister!
by Rich October 31, 2003
Japanese doll with no arms or legs, that brings good luck. Comes with eyes blank: you make a wish and color one eye. When the wish comes true, you color in the other eye.
Ex) make a wish to buy a house (color one eye)...when you are able to buy the house, color in the other eye - wish fulfilled.
by Rich March 06, 2005
To be greatly skilled among all others and out wit almost anyone with the slightest efford.

To be almost irresistible to most women, a very flirty carachter and fun to be with, making him very appealing.

A very cocky personallity almost unmatched by any other, this person is equality cocky as charming and irritating at the same time.

A flirty person that can have you wrap around his or her finger just by talking to you, very submissive and persuassive, almost addicting.

A person who is able to learn at a very fast pase and apply what they learn in a supervly manner.
That guy is so leathel, he thinks he owns the world.
by rich September 28, 2003
The poor impersonator of Master Shake from ATHF,created by the evil plutonians.
"Yay,donating blood"
"Could you tell by the hairy boosom growing on my back?"
by Rich September 11, 2004
A typical british festival where all family members espcially the taylor family wear bondage gear and rape each other up the ass with many dildos, richard though is famous smacking his cock across laura's face while nigel fucks richard up the ass, nigel is notorious for taking a shit into richards mouth while richard voraciously eats it, it usually is very messy because of all the cunt and feces that flies everywhere and its smells horribly of hot sick and sweaty ass
Its the typical british thing to do
by Rich March 30, 2004
Harsh swearing for polite surroundings

When pronounced phonetically, MDFK becomes 'mudderfucker' a simple slang abreviation of 'mother fucker', a popular insult.
therefore, M.D.F.K=mother fucker
that son of a bitch is one serious m.d.f.k
by Rich February 01, 2005

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