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1. A chocolate, peanut and caramel experience
2. the best chocolate bar in the history of ever
The wunderbars are over there.
by Raven August 18, 2003
Faecal variation of the old children's game of dropping sticks off a bridge and seeing who's stick floats under the bridge first. The added skill is being able to produce a suitable turd more quickly than your opponent and without falling backwards into the river (potentially hitting one's own turd to add insult to injury)
When Pooh arrived to the bridge spanning from one side of the creek to the other, he saw two figures standing on the bridge, intensively staring down into the water. One was Piglet. And the other one looked very much Eeyore. Amazingly much like Eeyore. If Pooh hadn't been so sure that it couldn't be Eeyore, he might even have believed that it really was Eeyore.
by Raven June 18, 2004
1. The Plural of "Moose"

2. an award given to someone who did/does great things that are above average.
1.On my vacation, I saw 3 meece.

2. I think Bob deserves a Meece because he helped me when I was dying.
by Raven August 22, 2003
Slang word for newbies
I beat the whole team by myself, what a bunch of nubbies.
by Raven October 11, 2003
A game on battle.net that is only accessable by people who know the exact "name" the game has.
Let's start an inhouse of ToB! gn(gamename)= ciaochan1
by Raven March 05, 2004
Just another word refering to ohio the 17th state in the union. More of a slang term used by residents of the state in vernacular speach.
You're from ohia? Me too!
by Raven February 17, 2005
A good band, with great potential, although their songs tend to be repetive. Yeah....
Every room we kept awake
By every silent scream we make....
by Raven January 17, 2005

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