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n. Police code for drunk driving.
Got my license suspended cause I was busted for a 502.
by thug4life October 10, 2002
the area code fo the trillest city eva nigga louisville kentucky
we ride 28s in tha 502 bitch!!!
by a weezy June 01, 2006
The POlice code fo' when you be drivin' drizzunk, nigga.
"Fuck the police and a 502!"
Eazy E, 8 Ball
by Eazy E April 15, 2003
An area code associated with Da'ville aka. Louisville (pronounce louavul)and specifically associated with A Kentucky Derby Tribe of Fans who party hard for two week straight at a series of events from the end of April to the beginning of the May(5/o2/??)as a part of the annual event.

People come from around the world to this 24/7 festival to drink and smoke (think standard bar-b-que term or illicit substance) and make a ton of money on tourists, movie stars and music industry moguls who are gonna blow it on basura anyway.
We represent 502 baby... we gonna party until next month!

Dont even schedule me cause im with the 502 crew.

His ass was so 502 that everybody was makin money off him.
by thee radical eclectic August 16, 2006
The drinker's 420.
A number representing hard ass drinkers.
Holiday: May 2nd - Get drunk all day.
It's 502 biatch, we abouts to get fucked up.
by Andy Munson February 26, 2004
area code for Louisville, Ky. Used to show pride in the city.
-"Ay homeboy where you from?"
-"Im from tha 502 fam."
by Clarence1 December 10, 2009
The 502 being of Louisvllle, KY Metro and also hanging out in the 502 also known as the local telephone area code for Louisville and the local area.
Where are you at? We're hangin in the 502.

We hangin in the 502. Or in Southern Indiana, we're going to the 502.
by colonelsmiley August 18, 2006
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