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In rugby when your first try(score) is scored, you are required to remove your clothing, either after the match or at the social, and run around naked or doing something naked... it then ends when you shoot the boot.(drinking a beer from yours or someone's rugby cleat)
Hey! Zulu warrior... come on and shoot the boot. You Zulu warrior... "It's not gay we're all teammates."
by ksu zulu warrior October 07, 2008
Birmingham City's football hooligan firm, one of the most, if not the most, fearsom faction in Britain.
The zulu's gunna getcha! (Zulu Warriors)
by Simmonds January 11, 2010
A white man who is very fond of chasing tail, especially after extremly large black women. The native call for the Zulu Warrior is fist pumping into the air while screaming ZULU!!! Typical places to spot a Zulu Warrior is at a KFC or a welfare station.
Nick you are such a Zulu Warrior. Who else would tap that!
by BrownThunder92019 August 20, 2011
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