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One's genital hair matches the color of the hair on one's head.
Even though she looks like she dyes her hair, the carpet matches the drapes on her.
by quamp March 19, 2007
Pretty much what graduates of the class of 2003 are going to have to settle for.
Man, my mcjob at that fast food joint is taking me nowhere, but I can't find anything better.
by quamp July 21, 2003
Anyone who uses spoonerisms so that they don't have to swear in public. (a spoonerism is the switching of initial consanant sounds in a sentence.)
"I got to feel her tiant gits" said the sockcucker.
by quamp July 21, 2003
This is short for "Mouth Open, Mind Closed." It's used when dealing with people who constantly talk without listening. This trait is common amongst guidos. Customer service agents think it often when dealing with pushy, rude customers.
Dude 1: Say dude, wanna come to the party tonight?
Dude 2: I -
Dude 1 (interrupts): Great! I'll see you there!
Dude 2: But I can't go!
Dude 1: We're gonna have a great time there! That really hot blonde is gonna be there, and I'm counting on you to be my wing man!
Dude 2: Yuck, this dude is M.O.M.C.
by quamp March 08, 2014
Short for breast enlargement/penile enlargement.
I'm not really into the BE/PE thing. I like my women natural.
by quamp May 30, 2006
The device that seems to be in every traffic light that holds the light green until you get there, then immediately turns the traffic light red. It then holds the light red until someone else comes along from the other direction to set it off again.
Okay, we'll make it in time if we can hit this light green. What the-- !? It suddenly turned red!? %&#$@ stoparrgh!!
by quamp November 25, 2010
A woman that is so beautiful that she causes men around her to achieve an erection by looking at her. (derived from the term "three appendages up.")
Man, check out that 3-up there. She's one hottie!
by quamp July 21, 2003
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