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Someone who feels they must treat an escalator as a staircase, bringing guilt to the rest of the parties on the escalator, unless they also do so.
Jane: "Why is that girl bounding up the escalator like it's a flight of stairs? She's making the rest of us look lazy for just standing here riding it!"
Jill: "She's a total escalator overachiever."
by pseuzieq August 03, 2010
An unexpected opportunity to peep at something or someone that would otherwise be unacceptable.

To sneak a peak.
"Quick chick peepertunity ladies: Check out Mr. Hottie reaching up and changing our office lightbulb. He's exposing his 6-pack and the top of his fluorescent green boxers!!"

"Dude! Sweet peepertunity! Check out the rack on Ms. Stacked in the low-cut sweater-she almost popped out when she dropped her pen on the floor!"
by pseuzieq December 20, 2009
A chronic liar who works in the hospital, where lots of defibrillators are found. Often a member of management or administration.
"Hey, I heard our on-call pay was no longer going to be taxed as a bonus!"
"That's crap, honey. It came out of the mouth of a fibulator in cardiology."
by pseuzieq September 10, 2009
A euphamism for going to the bathroom to do number 2.
"Pardon me, I had fiber cereal today, and now I'm getting the urge to edropulate."

"I was petrified. I thought I would edropulate myself after that horror movie."
by pseuzieq April 13, 2009
A play on the word epiphany. When something occurs or is said that "clicks" with you to the point you have an epiphany.
Jane: "Ever notice that the biggest Christian holidays, Christmas and Easter, fall on the biggest Pagan holidays, conveniently?"

Jill: "OMG I just had a clickpiphany that the Christianity I was steeped in growing up could be bullshit. I now deem myself agnostic."
by pseuzieq August 09, 2010
The moving walkways, often in airports, that move much like an escalator, except they are flat.
Jane: "It's like...a mile to the terminal for our flight."
Jill: "Hey, there's a flatscalator! Jump on it so we don't have to walk."
by pseuzieq August 03, 2010
A contrasting term for wonderful. A term used to describe something that has potentially enraging qualities. It is convenient when the user of this word does not want to take credit for being annoyed.
Yes, isn't it bugful when people don't bother to glance at their car owner's manuals before overspending on gas?
by pseuzieq May 18, 2011

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