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those little plastic pellets you find washed up on the beach after they've gotten lost on the way to factory where they make plastic water bottles that you buy instead of drinking tap water. They're also found in the bellies of poor sealife that mistake them for food. And they're plastic, so they don't break down.
There's more nurdles in the ocean than plankton. A lot more.
by pengo September 30, 2007
algorithmic blur detection and removal
The amateur footage looked surprisingly good after it was run through abdar.
by pengo August 23, 2011
To be baffled by something incredibly stupid.
"I stopped for a minute and put down the sandwich i was eating. Asking how to send a fax with a cable modem totally dumbassed me"
by Pengo March 08, 2006
Containing a density of cats, such as found in an urban or suburban environment.
The little gecko didn't stand a chance in such a heavily catted neighbourhood.
by Pengo April 21, 2008

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