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To push the ball into a space in order to take a quick single in the game of Cricket.
"But he Thorpe soon looked at home, as indeed he should at The Oval, with that familiar nurdle to the on side, skipping back from right foot to left, to the fore"

by carino risagallo June 26, 2005
those little plastic pellets you find washed up on the beach after they've gotten lost on the way to factory where they make plastic water bottles that you buy instead of drinking tap water. They're also found in the bellies of poor sealife that mistake them for food. And they're plastic, so they don't break down.
There's more nurdles in the ocean than plankton. A lot more.
by pengo September 30, 2007
describes anything that is small in any shape way or form and it can be used as a noun, adjective or maybe even a verb?
noun: i see a short, cute, little boy and i say.. "awww look at that little nurdle!"

orr: i want a tinyyy bit of your pineapple i say, "hi, can i have a nurdle of your pineapple chunk?"

adjective: if i see someone wearing a tight, skanky top i might say.."WOW, that's quite a nurdle top your wearing!"

verb: .............ok nevermind i dont think "nurdle" will work as a verb but if you think of anything please post it!
by nurdlelover123 May 11, 2009
Small blobs of batter that have been fried into yummy crunchies that accompany fried fish, such as that served at Long John Silver's restarant.
I would like lots of nurdles with my fish platter, please!
by andygirl98 April 05, 2008
noun: A small blob, usually but not always placed with intent.
A nurdle of shaving cream remained, wartlike, on his forehead. Or: He deposited a nurdle of Vote toothpaste atop the Empire State Building (remember the TV add?).
by TBandman September 03, 2006
A small glob of batter that has been fried into a yummy crunchy crumb that accompanies fried fish, such as that served at Long John Silver's.
I would like lots of nurdles with my fish platter, please!
by andygirl98 April 06, 2008
idiot a dumb trick someone who is being retarted
Stanley is acting like a nurdle hes walking around in circles nd talking to himself.
by Clara and Steven October 12, 2008
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