24 definitions by pappy

the number of balls 10 guys has
lets see.. how many balls are here?
19? HAH!
by pappy July 28, 2004
fucked, banged, rammed
"yo i binked yer girly last night"
"you what?"
"goddamn yer stupid."
by pappy July 28, 2004
i made this up when i was hang out with the hottest girl ever...but it looks like some other people stole it.... My diffention of funt is "fucking cunt"
Pappy turn to jizz and said " you are such a hot funt."
by PAPPY November 07, 2004
if yer real slick (yeah right) you call the new rawkin' nitrous oxide system that you installed in your rice rocket the NOS!!!
(in hospital)
billy:"Cool D, Mommy said you got hurt street racing, is that true?!"
cool d:"Yeah Billy, f'real. See the light turned green, and I was like totally owning this eclipse.. but like.. not enough.. then the turbo kicked in.. but i still wanted more.. so i hit on the NOS.. but then I realized i was still driving my '89 accord, so I shot myself in the head"
billy:"ohhhh... street racing is dangerous!"
cool d:"yeah i think that dude in the eclipse shot himself too."
by pappy July 29, 2004
My grandson, Bricen, whose head looks like a fuzzy coconut.
His head is hard and fuzzy like a coconut.
by Pappy December 06, 2003
a badass soulfly song
there is no example.....its fuckin soulfly
by Pappy July 13, 2004
The area between your ass and pussy/penis
dude, lets hit golfballs off my goosh.
by Pappy March 15, 2005

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