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a perosn who does cheeba and is a slut
"yo cheeba hawk come her and suck on this" said adam whille he and a cheeba hawk where stoned
by pappy October 09, 2004
This is a show on Cartoon Network that apparently everyone else here loves. Even that guy who doesn't like Kittie. Anyhow, every episode of this piece of shit show is about doing something stupid to get an amount of coinage sufficient to buy jawbreakers. One kid is supposed to be smart but everything he does sucks in the end, one kid is sort of the ringleader and is also a tool, and then there's the other kid who's too stupid for words or any practical use other than being the guinea pig and gettin' his ass hurt. Then there's some foxy jailbait cartoon girls that everyone macks on. Oh yeah there's also some douchy kid who talks to a piece of wood.
Watching Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy is kinda like shooting yourself in the face.
by pappy July 18, 2004
When you splooge on a chicks face, then punch her in the fuckin nose so it bleeds.
I candy caned that bitch!
by Pappy July 13, 2004
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