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poopsex. plain and simple, yo.
"i want some poopsex"
"be polite; call it turd fucking"
by pappy July 19, 2004
slang term for an anal sex where the receiving partner begins to shit as soon as the giver cums
man you said that bitch was nasty but i didna know she did the chocolate ho-ho!
by pappy July 17, 2004
The tips on spraycans which can (and should) be replaced depending on the width or type of coat you're trying to get - namely nice thin lines for that piece you've been working on under the fremont bridge.
Yo I need to get some fat caps so I can bomb that blacktop building downtown!
by pappy August 23, 2003
lame net type acronym junx..
Rolling On Teh Floor Laughing My Butt Plug Out
l0zr6969:"d00d.. jack and jill had a 3some with dick cheney"
by pappy July 22, 2004
An aloner is a boner you get from a lot less stimulation than you normally would. The aloner is caused by a decline in sexual activity or seeing live nude women.
Patty broke up with me and now I get aloners looking at Seventeen magazine.
by pappy July 17, 2004
the number of balls 10 guys has
lets see.. how many balls are here?
19? HAH!
by pappy July 28, 2004
In femdom, when a man is made to wear a strapon backwords so that it comes out from his backside so a woman can fuck his body without him getting any pleasure.
'Alice, do I have to be your man doll again tonight?!'
'Don't piss me off, I'm an icer'
by pappy July 17, 2004

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