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A gender-neutral expression for masturbation or jacking off. Can be practiced, experienced, enjoyed or researched.
Yesterday my mum busted in while I researched the eigensex, entirely disrupting my physical experiment.
by paniq January 25, 2006
To become angry for the intend of personal amusement, in particular about political, social or sports-related topics. Angrytainment often manifests in raging monologues and is primarily favored and exercised by intellectuals and cynists all over the world. Mostly unawarely performed, it helps a person to relieve stress and rage and can therefore be considered as a carthatic activity. An angrytaining speech can include, but is not limited to: polemic criticism, profanities, exaggerations and ideological litany.
A: "What is the deal with f*ing emos these days? Their expression of depressive individualism is entirely fake. Capitalists are already buying into the trend, it is a bastard child of goth and grunge. Back in the days when I was young..."
B: "Sorry to interrupt your angrytainment, but I gotta go."
by paniq June 13, 2006
cravf is "penis" rot13 encoded.
lbhe cravf vf gbb fubeg
by paniq December 13, 2004
A different word for the testicles, also known as balls or nuts.
1. That baseball hit him right in his Macadamias.

2. He didn't have the Macadamias to do it.
by paniq November 23, 2006
In the open source community, "bugtracker drone" is a derogatory term for users who are using open source software, suggesting that they eventually submit bug reports and enhancement suggestions to the projects bugtracking system. Variations include (related to the individual bugtrackers used): Bugzilla drone, Flyspray drone.
"Frank might not be a coder, but he can still be a bugtracker drone."
by paniq July 27, 2005
Opposed to the primitive and brutal trolling, probing is the martial arts of intellectual deconstruction of forum and chatroom activities, dominating in three categories:<br>1. Keeping a thread or discussion active as long as possible<br>2. Demonstrating opponents lack of intelligence through the use of irony, parody, sarcasm, information and wit<br>3. Making the whole thing entertaining to read for friends.
When a probing session (that can take up to several weeks) is over, the page or conversation may be mirrored and published on a website for further public enjoyment.
1. "I have been probing philosophyforum.com for three days. I think a solution for the world hunger problem is now in reach."
2. "In case you are probing us, I must tell you that your scrotum is yet rather tiny. May the battle begin."
by paniq February 23, 2005
Code word for tripping on hallucinogenic drugs while doing IRC.
* paniq^bbq sets mode: +o Tournesol
* paniq^bbq sets mode: +o ace'r'us
* paniq^bbq sets mode: +o abductee
* paniq^bbq sets mode: +o psyl0fant
<paniq^bbq> its bbq night, and you all shall profit from my neversearing well of cosmic truth.
<psyl0fant> \o/
by paniq October 06, 2004
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