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To become angry for the intend of personal amusement, in particular about political, social or sports-related topics. Angrytainment often manifests in raging monologues and is primarily favored and exercised by intellectuals and cynists all over the world. Mostly unawarely performed, it helps a person to relieve stress and rage and can therefore be considered as a carthatic activity. An angrytaining speech can include, but is not limited to: polemic criticism, profanities, exaggerations and ideological litany.
A: "What is the deal with f*ing emos these days? Their expression of depressive individualism is entirely fake. Capitalists are already buying into the trend, it is a bastard child of goth and grunge. Back in the days when I was young..."
B: "Sorry to interrupt your angrytainment, but I gotta go."
#emo #rage #speech #criticism #cynism #profanities #exaggeration #litany #political #topic
by paniq June 13, 2006
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