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Large Town and Borough in South West Engalnd. Famous for it's former GWR railway works.
a: Where do u live?
b: swindon
by dalj August 31, 2006
Toilet, a place to defacate.
Swindon? I shalt not venture their Antonio, for it is a shite-hole populated by the ill-bred and feeble minded.

William Shakespeare
by Roo August 05, 2003
A place populated by cool moshers and rivetheads.On the other hand, the ghetto areas are no go unless you own a trackie and a pair of nike.
"Swindon massive"
"Arrr you mosher scum!!!!"
by Rivethead November 12, 2006
Second worst town in the country. Highest teen pregnancy rate in europe. Chav filled or full of "moshers" with "issues".
Only place worse being Slough.

What's more confusing than fathers day in swindon?
Fathers day in Slough!
by Mooncradle May 26, 2007
Origin of word is Old English - Swine-Don, or Pig-Hill,
which just about sums it up.
by Godless Heathen October 15, 2003
A crappy and disappointing town in which I was born and raised and most unfortunately, still live in *help!* Full of feckin typical loud-mouthed 'townies' (see definition) who've got nothin better to do than get pregnant (usually at age 15 and younger) and dislike anyone even slightly different to themselves.
Someone put a bomb under Swindon council's arses, maybe then they'll do something useful for a change...
by purple_horizon February 28, 2004
location: SouthWest Wiltshire, England

a town which seems to mainly consist of "townies" (see: nike, pimpin, crew cut, bling, chav, pregnancy) and "metalheads", or "rockers (see: nirvana, hoody, piercings, tattoos).. both of which hate each other stupid, but have the same attitudes generally; *aggression is the key to life*. the music shops are alright, but apart from that, it's not a nice place. There seem to be nicer people there than salisbury and andover though.

*not written to cause offence*
i went to swindon yesterday.. a townie was getting ass kicked by a metalhead.. it was awful and i wished everything could be nice.
by Tom Reeves April 02, 2005
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