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Getting head at the University of Notre Dame, or, more likely, at Saint Mary's.
I was just over at SMC and this slut gave me some mad golden dome!
by Throat Yogurt May 08, 2007
Getting head at the wonderful University of Notre Dame, usually by a chick from St. Mary's.
"Damn, did you hear about Rufio getting that golden dome from that SMC chick in the 24hr lounge?"

"I need to go to Le Mans to get some golden dome before this test."
by CamNF May 21, 2007
The act of urinating in a persons mouth while receiving oral.
Jesse got golden dome from Amy last night. She loves the taste of pee.
by TheFrizz June 23, 2011
The act of felatio (dome) performed on a man by another wearing a grill or mouth piece made of gold. It is the most luxurious and dangerous form of oral sex.
Jeremy: Shit man, did you hear about Larry last weekend?
Nathan: Nahhh, man. What he do?
Jeremy: Well, he got some golden dome from some chick who knows Lil Jon.
Nathan: Shit... Hopefully she didn't bite down.
by crackerbarrelho January 21, 2010
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