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What you have to do if you want to smoke the weed in your dorm room at college.
When Ben wants to light up a phatty spliff in his room he needs to turn on the fan
by P December 04, 2003
This is located on the Neopets.com message boards. Full of people who are illiterate and do not know what the shift key is for. They spend their time "collecting" Neopets avatars, but people in other boards tend to have more than the ACers themselves.
Although the word "avatar" is right at the top of the chat on every page, none can seem to spell the word properly.
Whenever a new avatar is released, the board is flooded with messages such as:

"LYKE OMG I GOT TEH NEW AVVICTOR", "how do u getz da new avaitor"
by P December 21, 2004
Nashota (Na-sho-/tah) is the female form of the native american name for "twin."

It is used to demonstrate a close sibling-like and spiritual oneness between two ancestrally linked heritants of amerindian blood.
I don't know who I would be without my Nashota.

You haven't really lived until you've had a Nashota.

Her name might be Sarah, but she'll always be Nashota to me.
by P June 19, 2006
The quality of random motivation or spontaneous motivation that leads an individual or group to perform apparently out-of-the-blue actions. The suffixe -age, a pop culture cliche meaning the quality of something, is used on this word to emphasize the usual reason for spontaneous action: the need for either conformity or its opposite. Another interesting thing about the word spontaneitage is that it is a prime example of itself - its creation was a seemingly random act construed by someone who was feeling a spontaneous motivation to make up a new word for the feeling, so as to distance himself from conformity.
"Michelle's dance move was a really good example of spontaneitage."
"Earlier, Peter was experiencing some hardcore spontaneitage when he shoved the card down his pants."
"It's not my fault, your honor. The spontaneitage inherent in the moment made me cheat on my wife."
by P June 18, 2006
something you get during a jandjob
I love when you do that vingar move to the side baby. Now churn my sac.
by P January 27, 2005
The act of searching any part of the Google Network

A state of mind, ie Your so googled
I googled THPS3 soundtrack and The Ace of Spades is in it.
by p June 04, 2004
Goons Helping Goons!
J showed goonerosity putting me up for the night in boston
by p March 13, 2004

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