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The antonym of IT (Information Technology)
Definition: Technically Illiterate
Mike: I think I might be TI
Me: Why?
Mike: Well I just got my internet hooked up at home, and I went to youtube.com. It asked me to sign in, and asked for my email address, and my address, and a password, then it asked for my cell phone number, so I filled it in, and then I got a call 2 minutes later, tell me that I had signed a contract agreeing to pay $5 a week for text messages.

Me: Oh, dear. You were raped by the internet.
by p@$$ing thr.ugh January 12, 2010
Acronym for Not Everything 'r 'bout yah.
Heavy with irony, to be used as a strict wake up call when you're friend has trailed off an proverbially fallen asleep facedown in a bowl of soup.
Dan: And now I will be listing all the things I like about shooshi. I like her smile. I like her laugh. I like her aww, cuteness, I like her...

.... 15 minutes later tired from rambling for 15 minutes, we find Dan snoring facedown in a bowl of soup.
Standard Operating Proceedure: NERB! Yah.
by p@$$ing thr.ugh December 23, 2010
an emotion somewhere between sadness, frustration and anger usually characterized by being confronted by a problem or situation which you have no capacity to resolve or overcome.
Ex 1. There are 50, 000 gallons of oil draining into the ocean in the gulf of mexico daily. It feels like onions.

Ex 2. When my boyfriend sold my priceless collection of pokemon cards on ebay, without telling me, for money to buy cigarettes, it felt like onions.
by p@$$ing thr.ugh May 31, 2010
Also known as Tetracologicalzemur, it is hard to come by as it requires several days alchemy. Common uses are for growing out of control African Violets, cleaning spitoons, and also paizzaer. Also can be used to summon pigeons, which will later be eaten by the hawks you summon.
These african violets are not nearly as out of control as they could be, plus I feel like feeding the hawks, better cook up some smath.
by p@$$ing thr.ugh January 28, 2010
TSRFW = This Situation Requires Further Witchcraft
It's a situation, if you're a witch, that is extraordinary in someway, or particularly difficult, and regular witchcraft just won't cut it. Then you say TSRFW.
I have an exam tomorrow and while under normal circumstances regular witchcraft would suffice, it's an advanced placement calculus exam. So TSRFW.
by p@$$ing thr.ugh January 21, 2010
A toothbrush holder in the shape of a penis. It makes a great gift for any number of occasions, to be given to your elders, or to your girlfriends dad, as a sign of respect.
Johnny: Now, that I'm dating your daughter, Suzie, I'd like to make my intentions clear, and I bought you this gift, a sign of my respect, sir.
Suzie's dad: A tooth penis! Get out you little freak!

(Okay, so things didn't really work out for Johnny. Maybe Suzie's dad just didn't like to look of him. But it still might work for you.)
by p@$$ing thr.ugh January 15, 2010
Etymology: ACRONYM = World of warcraft.

Definition: WoW means anything that consumes your entire life, becomes a ritual compulsion, that you obsess over daily, that you dream about, that your brain has become hardwired to, and can sometimes make you neglectful of all other pastimes, responsibilities, and activities.

Note: Also makes a clever emoticon when spelled exactly WoW.
Lord of the rings took 3 decades to complete and with all the subsequently released literature it becomes clear to see that Middle Earth was J.R.R. Tolkiens WoW.
by p@$$ing thr.ugh December 22, 2009

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