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Overly excited about a simple thing; excited about something that most people would not find exciting.
I'm totally geeking that I won that bean grinder on eBay.
by nifer July 09, 2003
1) Pooping frequently in a short amount of time.

2) Large amounts of poop in a confined space or area.
1) That burrito was a ticket to my own poopapalooza.

2) Dang, brother - pick up after your dog. Your backyard is a poopapalooza.
by nifer March 31, 2006
when a guy goes down on a girl, but she hasn't kept up with her downstairs maintainance in a while, so his taste buds gets scraped off by her stubble
Man, my girlfriend really gave me the fuzzy peach last night.
by Nifer March 25, 2006
A milf who proclaims herself as such, usually on a T-shirt she's wearing, but forgets to change the "I" for a "Y" and essentially states that she'd like to fuck herself.

Can also be applied to a self-proclaimed mylf who really isn't and you probably wouldn't.
That mother of five is so milftarded - it takes more than a T-shirt to be hot!
by nifer September 09, 2006
A boy who makes up terms for crude sex acts he never has - and likely never will - perform on a woman.

Can also be used to describe a boy who makes it a point to know the definitions of all these terms so that he appears to know more about sex or be more sexually experienced than his peers.
When I overheard him talking to his friends about giving her a dirty sanchez and a paczki on the same night, I knew he was nothing but a tater pimp.
by nifer September 09, 2006
When one freezes a rather long length of poo and later does someone with it.
Have you tried the delicious ape?
by Nifer May 14, 2006
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