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noun: Describes the city of Burlington, Ontario, Canada more precisely. The name originates from the lack of things to do in the city of over 300,000.
I just got back from Borington, all there was to do was play with hamsters.
by newtdecay February 03, 2008
verb: to catch feline AIDS
Slutty cats catch kleo, not mice.
by newtdecay November 11, 2007
The act of drinking so much Coca Cola that it detiorates your colon.
The doctor said, if I don't stop drinking Coca Cola not only will it ruin my teeth, but it will ruin my colon as well & I'll wind up with Coca Colon.
by newtdecay November 11, 2007
when semen gets stuck in your public hair & no matter what you do, it 'will not' come out.
You've had that will knot there for ages.
by newtdecay December 22, 2007
A person who enjoys sexual relations with deceased animals.

common misspelling: bestiphilia.
I used to be into bestiality, but then I tried beastiphilia & I was in heaven.
by newtdecay December 22, 2007
A person who has died & fallen victim to a necrophiliac. Usually refering to a virgin or elderly type.
01. My grandmother, who is 92, was post mortem sleaze in the morgue of the hospital.

02. One mortician to another, "I fucked that sleaze the other day, tight pussy, even tighter ass."
by newtdecay November 11, 2007
A common misspelling for beastiphilia.
"I can't believe you made the mistake of looking up bestiphilia instead of beastiphilia," said newtdecay.
by newtdecay December 22, 2007

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