6 definitions by mrs_equator

A mentally retarded hobo.
Dude, watch out for the retarbo. He's got mustard and pigeon shit all over him.
by mrs_equator November 05, 2007
The result of making a large, forceful, and explosive deposit into a toilet, causing the water in the bowl to splash back on your ass.
That king-sized chimichanga from The Alamo had me doing the reverse flush the minute I got home.
by mrs_equator September 23, 2006
A dwarf hobo
Man 1: Whoa, look at the lowbo!

Man 2: Wherez?

Man 1: Over there, scurrying behind the Hyundai Accent.

Man 1: He looks like Peter Dinklage, only with more hair nits.
by mrs_equator March 23, 2010
The sound a forceful poo deposit causes when it makes contact with the water in a toilet.
I squatted down and then fwump! my ass was soaked after a tsunamic reverse flush.
by mrs_equator September 23, 2006
A smoker's tracheotomy tube
Jimbo still smokes Salems through his cancer kazoo. That's just wrong.
by mrs_equator August 17, 2006
The annoying wheeze of a smoker.

I can't hear this dude on the phone over the Cubicle Queen's fricking cancer kazoo.
by mrs_equator August 15, 2006

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