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One who enjoys gay/animal sex.Someone who then devours the haj from the multiple fags/animals which then swallows.Someone who wants to bang their cousin,incesting mother fucker.
Damn B331z your one crazy swallowing haj machine.Suck it good u lil bitch.
by MP January 22, 2004
A man who participates in animal intercourse and blows as much men as the infamous MP who servs hotdogs and hamburgers to the kids
you are A pwnzor b331z!!!!
by MP January 20, 2004
MoneyPenny's world....
Without her HollowPoint, MoneyPenny would be nothing
by MP January 16, 2004
A biddy is another word used to describe a bithc, slut, hoe or skank.
The word originated in Syracuse, NY where words such as wicked are also used.
Dan: Yo MP you comin tonight?
MP: To what?
Dan: BiddyFest 2K5 bro....
by MP January 28, 2005
a bitchy, uptight girl
that babe is too stoich
by mp December 26, 2003
Final Definition... the shit is CODEINE from COUGH SYRUP... aint no fucking rum and shit none of that gay shit..... its HYDROCODONE, CODEINE whatever from PRESCRIBED COUGH SYRUP u cant BUY SYRUP so anyone who thinks u can ur damn stupid unless u stay in mexico. Some ppl call it TUSS from 'hydro-tussin' meaning its a cough supressant with HYDROCODONE in it. Fuck all that shit yall talkin bout. (Popular in Houston texas, and throughout texas nowadays and Louisiana)

You usually " po up " (to mix it with) in a fruitopia or a sprite... hence the other slang for it "purple sprite"
Im fixin to sip the syrup.
by mp March 12, 2004
an extremely ugly girl
oh gard , look at that leggo beast
by mp December 26, 2003

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