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21 definitions by MP

1. The dumbest person ever in America
2. One who wins an election unfairly
3. A monkey
4. The worst world leader ever
5. One who has trouble with pronouncing simple words (such as nuclear)
6. Pubic hair
7. A great band
George W. Bush is the biggest moron ever... we're doomed for another 4 years...DOOMED
by mp November 13, 2004
6359 3095
1. To sodomize in a manner which produces santorum; to screw-over in a particularly nasty way.

2. To give something the quality of santorum; to make a mess of.

3. To revile or damn a person or thing by using its name as an offensive neologism, as in santorum.
1. Yeah, I santorumized him good.
2. Damn, you really santorumized that pillowcase.
3. You can't santorumize "Bush," really, because bush already has so many meanings.
by mp April 09, 2005
175 72
The act or practice of pulling someone's pants down.
The Seniors and I went pantsing today. The Freshmen never had a chance.
by MP February 07, 2005
129 39
n. this is the alter ego of graham baum. g-money is often seen sporting iced out chains and often refers to himself in third person. he has excellent pimping skills with the ladies. he wheres fury hats and cromed out teeth (like flava flav)
g-money says ,"hello ladies, its g-money. y'all wanna hop in my ride?"
by MP October 25, 2004
115 42
Another way of sayin "sex me"
when are we gonna put it down? // when are we gonna make love
by mp February 07, 2004
76 45

pretty much the sweetest place ever. Located in the midst of the Lakes Region, home to some pretty awesome kids ie. Matt Pumphret.
Guy One: Where you from, Gilford?

Guy Two: Hells Yeah, G-UNIT!!!

Guy One: That's stupid...
by mp February 03, 2005
62 34
toilet paper that has been left behind while wippeing the ass and have harded.
by MP February 28, 2003
37 22