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These are overly sweet pastry thingies that you put in the toaster and often end up setting your house on fire as they catch fire in the toaster. If you manage to get them out of the toaster without setting them on fire, you burn seven shades of shit outta your tongue. The filling is just like molten lava.

These are also all the female pop-ettes around today who, if they hadn't become famous, would have been prostitutes. They wear fewer clothes than hookers, invariably have had multiple boob jobs, move their bodies/ass around to simulate sex, and their videos are one step away from outright porn (Christina Ag is the exception - hers are def porn). These females only exist to be validated by how sexy men think they are. They have no other sense of self-worth other than that criteria. They are on a long line of conveyor belt media-manufactured pap in the original mold of barbie.
Ex. 1 - Strawberry, blueberry, apple, choc flavour etc.

Ex. 2 - Female pussycats - yeah ok you look hot whatever. Next.
by Missy M August 03, 2005
This abbreviation used to stand for World Wide Web.

It now stands for the activity which surrounds most of the time in which the web is browsed - Wanking While Watching (another video stream or live webcam) or, Wanking While Waiting (for the next lot of porn to download).

(For the Brit-ignorant, Wanking is the same as jerking-off/Whippin Mr Zippy/Polishing the PurplePink Pole, over here in Limey-Land.)
"Shit I gotta clean this mouse and keyboard or buy a box of tissues, probably both (squeezes umpteen zit). Too much WWW. Oh, Just one more......"
by Missy M August 22, 2005
This is the person who, usually on Saturdays, or on post-Christmas sales days or both if you are really really unlucky, drives around and around for hours trying to second guess and spot from a distance, someone who has finished shopping and is going to leave. It can also happen on really cold rainy days where, although there are spaces within yards of the entrance, everyone wants to park as close as possible so as not to experience the unpleasantness of the climate.

This can be very annoying if you are merely dropping off cumbersome bags in order to resume retail therapy/madness without having to carry the stuff around. By the time you get to your car, you realise creepily that someone has been watching you for at least 10 minutes, maybe longer if the stalker has telescopic equipment, and they are already there, watching with squinty eyes and the signal light blinking to warn others that the car parking space belongs to them and to let you know in a non-verbal way, that you had better get the hell out quickly!

This is particularly annoying if you are starving, have picked up something to eat, and just want a few minutes peace and quiet to nosh in the privacy of your own little space. You feel obligated but annoyed to see someone waiting. You either pretend not to see them, or signal that you have food, signal that you aren't actually leaving if that's the case, or if you're really a pushover, just leave even if you didn't want to.

Also known as a Parking Lot Stalker.

Most people have sat on both sides of the fence in this situation so most of the time both parties handle it in a civilised way.
Get ready for a confrontation - there's at least 3 irate Car Park Stalkers waiting for our space. If we're lucky, they will just fight amongst themselves without us having to get involved - give us a chance to eat our Big Macs before they get cold and be entertained at the same time!
by Missy M September 20, 2005
The use of the principle of moral protection, thereby keeping that which may offend or breach the boundaries of good tastse, for society, and in particular, children, and keeping bad language (swearing) and pornography out of mainstream awareness.
Wow, all this porn on the internet and everywhere, you can’t help but see it and I don’t particularly want to!

Well, say something.

I tried, but the free-speech/anti-censors used Censorship on me.
by Missy M October 08, 2005
First of all, a fashion cycle is where they bring back something that was fashionable, say, 10 years ago, such as bell-bottoms, denim, platform shoes, short skirts, long skirts, the boho gypsy look etc.

Where this becomes confusing is when a cycle is re-cycled and then re-cycled again with another look, which then becomes a look unto itself.

So you could have for example, the “Hippy” look gets re-cycled 10 years later but is combined with the “Lady of the Manor” look too. Then, 10 years later the “HippyLlady of the Manor” look is re-cycled with the “Dallas meets Eskimo” look.

Someone who has the Fashion Cycle Syndrome would be so worried about having the latest look that they would look at someone, who, in reality may have not updated their wardrobe for a while except for maybe a new scarf or some accessory, had innocently gotten dressed that morning without a plan, but to whom the Fashion Cycle Syndrome sufferer will assess as not being behind or dated, but as being so far-thinking ahead that they have gone back to the beginning of another cycle which would include the dated stuff. See?

These mini-assessments are done anywhere from once a day to 20 or 30 times a day, depending on what you do and where you do it. Most women are unaware that they are even doing it as it has become so second-nature.
Fashion Cycle Syndrome sufferer's subconscious thought process – “That stuff she’s wearing is so retro it’s way ahead of me!”
by Missy M October 06, 2005
A 4x4 vehicle. This term is used when a woman is driving one of these types of vehicle. So called because it gives her a feeling of strength, protection, and security that she would have if with a man. It also makes her taller than the other drivers so she can feel superior and more masterful than other drivers i.e., masculine.

If there is a man in the passenger seat, you'd really better watch out as she will be feeling double-masculine.

"Well there goes another 4Wheel Man driving a mile up the road to pick up the kids from school. They will get straight into the 4Wheel Man in order to be protected from the perverts waiting in the bushes".
by Missy M October 06, 2005
This is taken from the slang term for Pyjamas - JimJams - but is re-applied using the word Gym instead.

Gym-Jams are items of clothing that you initially purchase as expensive shit for looking good at the gym, but end up using as pyjamas. Usually the items start out being used at the gym, then as they start to fade and become a bit crappy looking, slowly become relegated into schlepping-around-the-house gear, then into fully-fledged jammies.
Girl - I forgot my bag in the car - can you go out and get it for me? I'm not dressed properly.

Guy - why don't you go? No one will notice cuz you're wearing your Gym-Jams.
by Missy M August 22, 2005

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