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A hat that looks normal, but causes severe head trauma
Man 1: Dude, what happened to your head?
Man 2: For April Fools' Day, my jackass roommate got me a Demolition Derby
by Matt |2 April 27, 2006
when a bunch of rednecks in trucks ram each other to death
lets go see the demolition derby!
by PlayDohMan May 10, 2004
This is where the participants of a wrecking crew race to finish.
Demolition Derbies are held every Wednesday night in Down Town Windsor.
Bring your hard hat and a bottle of KY.
by Griz November 22, 2004
A bunch of hicks slamming into each other at a small county fair to show their honeys they're tough.
A bunch of poor white trash who can't sell their cars for squat so they enter them in to try and win a thousand bucks and lose more of their brain cells that they barely have.
Family reunion for a bunch of inbred cousin slammers who live in trailer courts
Middle class man went to the fair with his family to show his kids a bunch of insane people at the demolition derby.
by road trash October 04, 2005