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A rant of tsunami proportions that leaves those around the ranter exhausted and battered; the verbal equivalent of a wild agitated bull in a small confined space.
Heads down! here comes Tom - he's on a rantage!
by mifmaf August 24, 2009
Non-vegetarian dumplings - eg ones containing chicken, pork, shrimp etc. Meatlings contrast veglings which are vegetarian dumplings.
I had to wrap my mouth around something meaty; a tasty meatling was the only real option.
by mifmaf February 29, 2008
Any kind of anticipation related to a doof party.
My ride was late and I was nervous in dooficipation.

In dooficipation of the coming weekend, Steve picked up some goodies.
by mifmaf March 09, 2008
Veglings are vegetarian dumplings. Popular with non-vegetarians are meatlings.
I'm going down to the corner shop to get me some veglings!

Dumpling Deluxe had these delicious veglings ... even had my meat-eating friends convinced to try them
by mifmaf February 28, 2008
Like a pub crawl but going to different food places - eg cafes, restaurants, tapas bars etc.
There are so many good cheap restaurants on that street. Let's do a nom crawl and get a different course from each place!

I'm SO hungry - I'm going to nom crawl all over town until I'm full.
by mifmaf April 12, 2009
Packing a girl with icecream then eating her out.
"Shit man, day's so hot I wanna icepussy"
Ben doesn't mind some icepussy on the beach.
Harry prefers vanilla icepussy.
by mifmaf November 22, 2010
One gigglebit is the same as a gigabit of computer RAM, disk storage, etc. Can also refer to a gigabyte, although technically a gigglebit and gigglebyte is not the same.
After deleting some unnecessary system files on his laptop, Jim was pleased to find he had 5 gigglebits free on his C: drive.

Sarah: Have you seen those new USB sticks? They pack an impressive 2 gigglebits!
Kate: No kidding? W00t!
by mifmaf April 06, 2008

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