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verb; to set up another relationship before the present one is over

just as monkeys dont let go of one branch til they have another in sight, some girls/guys dont let go of a relationship until they've found the next
ie .. "that bitch melissa is totally monkey barring her boyfriend with that new guy, what a fucking whore"
by metro anthony October 24, 2005
a lesbian that dresses in the style of the rapper eminem
"dude, im gonna kick that guy's ass" .. man, that's no guy, it's an eminesbian"
by metro anthony January 19, 2006
poop hammer; one who prefers vigorous anal entry over all others
"melissa likes getting her stool pushed in, she's such a fucking poop hammer"
by metro anthony November 01, 2005
the act of furiously trying to get off when faced with getting caught by the police or parents
shit, dad's home, PANIC FUCK !!!!
by metro anthony November 01, 2005
a recepticle in a blow up doll that recieves the ejaculate in order to prevent penile rupture caused by hydralic action, usually of half to one pint capacity, often emptied by squirting feminine hygeine products in a washing out type manner
"that pyscho cheating slut melissa can soak up dog jizz like a freshly douched cumsocket"
by metro anthony November 01, 2005
a phrase used to describe someone having incredibly bad oral hygeine and major tooth decay and/or loss, usually from drinking fuckloads of cheap whiskey
melissa has whiskey tooth so bad she's makes shane magowan look like a fucking tooth model
by metro anthony November 01, 2005
a person sporting both the cholo and metrosexual styles at the same time
"dudes wearing a bandana tight on his eyes and pinstripe flairs, that niggahs a metrocholo"
by metro anthony November 01, 2005
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