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Thieving b*stards who when they are not thieving, spend their time indulging in one or more of the following: (1) shopping in Argos for giant-sized earrings/sovereign rings/gold chains that are too big for Mr T; (2) hanging around the post office on giro day; (3) burning out cars; (4)using the word 'innit' a lot and generally talking in a bumpkin slang; (5) smoking fags; (6) watching Trisha; (7) drinking alcopops and (8) offending everyone with their fake designer threads from the market. Regarding point (8)- if a pikey's clothes really ARE designer, you can be sure they are stolen goods. The most easy way of identifying a pikey is by their name - for example, if you encounter someone called Dean/Jordan/Chardonnay/Maddison/Tyler/Elvis/Tiffany/Jade/Tyson/Kylie etc you can guarantee they descend from pikey stock. They also think McDonalds is a high-class culinary experience. Losers.
"Oi, Chardonnay, I'm just going dahn to Maccy D's for me breakfast. D'you fancy a cheeseburger or sommat innit".
by Lozza February 24, 2004
Someone who actually believes that owning an Ipod has changed his life for the better, and makes it his mission to convert others to his cause.
Tom's become a total i-spod, man
by lozza December 14, 2004
when somethings allgood its the "bo shank"
"yeah nigga that be the bo shank"
by lozza December 09, 2003
kinda like 'really' but originates from the gheto of southend-on-sea
its actualy relg kick, sound like a tru pimp ass nigga wen u usin dis word
by Lozza September 29, 2003
when some dutty ass woman is all up in yo face tryin to give it all that and she aint got shiz.
"pshh, get out my face ho"
by lozza November 25, 2003
A total SEX GOD, in the league of Andrew Grice.
We were up all night long, I couldn't get enough, he was a total pignose.
by Lozza January 21, 2004
Generally wicked dude he hangs and rocks out with Tom. Hes dead ARD but tom isnt quite as ard.
Lozza is well wikky innit!!
by Lozza November 15, 2004

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