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A person (usually of the female gender) who is gross or disgusting to look at or touch. In other words, they are definitely not aesthetically pleasing.
Man, I can't believe you hooked up with her!!! She's absolutely mingin'!!!
by Susan April 13, 2004
This is a Glasgow slang word, for stinkin, terrible etc

"The house was mingin" meaning it was dirty, smelly, the kind with sticky carpets!!
the garbage bin has not been emptied for weeks--mingin
Evolved to mean anything rotten, she was mingin.... stinkin
by Alex August 23, 2003
ugly as per minging
she's pure mingin
by Shrek November 24, 2003
nasty and gross and every other bad word out there
kaylee's asshole is so hairy and mingin and shit
#mingin #hairy #asshole #nasty #minging #kaylee
by zbr0wn January 08, 2008
Disgusting, Grungy, Ugly, Manking etc.
Don't go out with her, she's mingin'.

Yuck, your jacket is mingin'
by Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha June 10, 2005
v. disgusting, rank, unattractive, spew-inducing
"Don't go in the bathroom, it smells mingin"


"I'd ask her out if she didn't have such a mingin face"
#smelly #disgusting #ugly #dead #old #minging #rank
by Phil Campbell November 27, 2007
Something that is not nice or not liked due to its features.
"This food is mingin'."
by notaminger! August 17, 2005
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