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The British version of Hotter.when fit (hot) is just not enough.
My girl is so much fitter then yours!
by Natedavis March 07, 2007
The British way of saying hotter. when fit (hot) isnt enough!
british guy1: Dude your moms fitter then hell!!
british guy2: Hells pretty damn fitt
by Nathandavis101 March 08, 2007
To update ones Facebook status more often, therefore eliminating the need for a Twitter account.
Why don't you just fitter about it?

If I had an iPhone, all I would do would be fitter!
by shockheaded October 29, 2009
The Facebook version of Twitter, also known as "status updates". Overruse can lead to Status Fiend and Status Wanker.
Person 1: I'm so sorry to hear your grandmother passed away from AIDS.

Person 2: Where did you hear that?

Person 1: I read it on your Fitter.
by Rand-m June 15, 2009

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