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Originated in Philadelphia, slang for "affirmative", or "alright"
"I can't come to work today, my girl's having my baby."

"Okay...hope everything goes well. Take as much time as you need."

#are #alright #okay #a'ight #word #nah #affirmative
by cougheeNsmoke August 01, 2008
short for alright. slang normally used in philadelphia area.
1. ard i will meet you at the mall.
2. she was ard.
#alright #ok #aight #iight #ight
by Philly0101 August 11, 2008
Aight or alright
Matt: Hey I g2g so I'll ttyl
Andrew: Ard
#alright #aight #ard #okay #bye
by phresh.KiDD. August 14, 2008
to be hard. 'well hard' tough, strong minded, physically strong e.t.c
"He's proper A.R.D mate" - Chav talk
#hard #well hard #chav #tough #strong
by Adam Ellis July 07, 2006
Hard in northern.
Eeey by gum! your reet 'ard!
#hard #solid #northern #tough #dense
by alexandrajay June 13, 2008
Short for Newtownards ("newt-nards")

a town in Northern Ireland where you will find fegs, Richmonds of course, spoons, Rigger and Leonard with their 3 leets
"u just stayin in ards tonite aye? spoons yeh?"
by Jonty September 08, 2004
An acronym for a medical syndrome of the lungs. It stands for Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome.

It is characterized as a rapid onset of progressive malfunction of the lungs usually associated with the malfunction of other organs due to the inability to take up oxygen. The condition is associated with extensive lung inflammation and small blood vessel injury in all affected organs. It is an acute and life threatening illness.
The survival rate for patients with severe ARDS who receive appropriate treatment is about 60%; if the severe hypoxemia of ARDS is not recognized and treated, cardiopulmonary arrest occurs in 90% of patients.
#lungs #lung disease #syndrome #respiratory #breathing
by Matt October 21, 2005
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