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a gentleman of the night. often used in self reference by absolute badonkadouchelords to mean a badman making money, which is embarrassing cos it really means a rentboy.
G: yo beeyutches imma hustler
me: dude, a hustler is man-whore
G:... aw shit
me: yeah u just called yourself a gigglo
by lloyydd May 16, 2010
what you say when you hear of douchebaggery, just before turning round and seeing the fucker could stomp yer arse into the dust. the line is usually delivered drunkenly and without knowing that the fucker will be seven foot and sexually frustrated
X- we have to leave some guy said he was gonna beat me down
Me- What fucker said that?
*titanicinflannel appears behind me*
Me- aw shit
by lloyydd May 17, 2010
whiny adolescent kid who has no problems and cuts themselves. they suck and listen to some of the worst "music" that has ever been called music. they're not in any way gay cos they'd never make the cut with their greasiness, poor fashion and music sense and massive depression. dont call them gay. i will beat you. fortunately they don't much exist except in America these days
"Oh my gawd my life like totally sucks even tho i'm a white middle class male with everything i could possibly waant"
oh look an emo.
yes, let us go and beat it.
by lloyydd June 23, 2010
what we queer guys say when someone cussed them, signalling that they are about to scratch this ho up.
guy: yo mama so fat when she lie on the seaside people think she a beached whale

queer guy: oh mraow bizartch!
by lloyydd May 16, 2010
a combination of buff and butters. usually a guy with a buff body and a naysty face. generally a person, male or female who is somehow smokin hot and crusty rugly at the same way, most frequently a nice body and a bad face or vice versa
taylor lautner
jay sean
me: ew him are them buffers ting. you am these paedo.
by lloyydd May 21, 2010
consisting of a generic sweepy floofy bob like structure with some subspecies having curls at the side, this haircut is a beacon of douchebaggery and breederosity upon any head. avoid all justin beiber hairs everywhere.
me: justin beiber hair at one oclock
sabrina: omg my douchedar is off the charts
by lloyydd May 16, 2010
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