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The keen sense that some individuals have that allows them to sense or spot other people who are douchebags. The sense allows them to potentially identify douchebags even when the douchebag maybe trying to conceal their doucheness
The guy walked in the door and my douchedar was going off like crazy and that was before I even saw his trucker hat and popped collar.
by senior dirty sanches April 16, 2008
Same as a radar, but it used to detect near by human being that naturally emit a douche like vibe that can be felt by other human beings. The average douche-dar is accurate up to 65 yards. Non-douches have a douche-dar.
Ron: Aye cuddie, hit this gilbeys vodka with me one time.
Sadith: Na man im cool, i have to lay hella sod tomorrow.
Logan: Damn, my douche-dar is 10 as fuck right now.
Reverend: You're douche-dar is probably picking up Sadith, cuz he a bitch.
by Ron Legit June 24, 2008
Same as a Radar except picks up the doucheness in a human being. The average douche-dar is accurate up to 65 yards.
Ron: Aye hit this gilbey's vodka up cuddie.
Dylan: Na, my mom will smell it on me when i come home tomorrow.
Logan: I think im picking some one up on my douche-dar. I'm pretty sure it's Dylan.
Jack: Stuey ass Dylan.
by Ron Legit June 24, 2008
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