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Short for Reeeeaaally Ugly
Can be shortened to Rugs when used to denote affection
Often used to describe anglo-dutch blondes
Applied as a name - e.g. "Hi Rugs / Rugly. You are a ten pint minger"
by Oxford English Dictionary May 17, 2004
11 5
What you call someone when their face is so ugly you could make a rug out of it, and then step on at your own discretion.
Wow Benito, your face is so rugly I could make it into a rug and step all over that mess of flesh.
by arandazzo060 July 01, 2011
4 1
When someone is Rude and Ugly, Rugly perfect combo for this Word,
That Customer complained that my boss was Rugly.
by Methot December 29, 2012
3 1
ridiculously ugly
Damn, that boy is ugly, matter fact, hes rugly.
by AMNA April 08, 2004
5 6
Rugly Puffs is the name of a teddy bear in the book series by A.A.Cullum

Rugly has stuffing fungus and might explode at any second. Parrot gets stolen and his friends launch a rescue raid on a high security compound with dogs and an electric fence. How can it have a happy ending?
Rugly Puffs a bear who's adventure books are so gripping you start worrying that it’s a new addiction.
by Rugly Puffs August 29, 2009
1 3