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Short for Reeeeaaally Ugly
Can be shortened to Rugs when used to denote affection
Often used to describe anglo-dutch blondes
Applied as a name - e.g. "Hi Rugs / Rugly. You are a ten pint minger"
by Oxford English Dictionary May 17, 2004
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When someone is Rude and Ugly, Rugly perfect combo for this Word,
That Customer complained that my boss was Rugly.
by Methot December 29, 2012
What you call someone when their face is so ugly you could make a rug out of it, and then step on at your own discretion.
Wow Benito, your face is so rugly I could make it into a rug and step all over that mess of flesh.
by arandazzo060 July 01, 2011
ridiculously ugly
Damn, that boy is ugly, matter fact, hes rugly.
by AMNA April 08, 2004
Rugly Puffs is the name of a teddy bear in the book series by A.A.Cullum

Rugly has stuffing fungus and might explode at any second. Parrot gets stolen and his friends launch a rescue raid on a high security compound with dogs and an electric fence. How can it have a happy ending?
Rugly Puffs a bear who's adventure books are so gripping you start worrying that it’s a new addiction.
by Rugly Puffs August 29, 2009

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