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The really hard piece of poop that won't come out.
I cried while I was pooping because that hard dirt just wouldn't come out!
by laurene716 May 02, 2011
When someone posts something on a social-networking sight such as Twitter or Facebook, saying something mean with out using someone's name, but you know it's about you.
Taylor's Tweet: I cannot stand you. You are so annoying!

Jessica talking: Oh my gosh. That post is obviously about me.

The only reason she bitch-me posted it with out a name is so no one else knows how mean she can be.

Carly: Yeah I so agree. I'm just going to ignore Taylor for now. See how she likes it.
by laurene716 June 15, 2011
An online dictionary that has hilarious words that other people made up, but are not "good" enough to be published in an actual dictionary. Along with the word, comes a definition. Most of the time, it's quite funny.
Norman: Hey, what does bitch-me-post mean again?

Simon: I don't know, man, look it up on Urban Dictionary!
by laurene716 July 02, 2011
When someone comes up to you and steals the coffee that you are enjoying right out of your hands, no matter if it's at work, home, or even at the coffee shop.
Sydney: I was at the coffee shop last night drinking my coffee and checking my emails, when a man came up and took the drink right out of my hands!

Kayla: Oh my goodness! He totally just coffee-mugged you!
by laurene716 June 21, 2011
when someone begins to flip out and yell swears, including fuck.
Tammy: I jumped out from behind a wall and he started freaking out and swearing! It was hilarious!

Lauren: Wow. What a flipfuck.
by laurene716 June 02, 2011
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