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similar to the Hot Carl... except the dung is very runny from the amount of alcohol consumed the night before
Oh man....that was hilarious when you gave that girl the Hot Curt!! It was going all over the place.
by Larry May 13, 2004
usually someone who is alergic to the sunlight, and is exceedingly whyte
zoe deck - spends hours in sun, but still whiter than the sun, also has healthy white glow at night
by Larry March 20, 2005
usually refering to raymonds long skiny legs.
legs without any shape or colour
jus long bone with some skin
dude cheak out rays stilts in those boardies
by larry May 24, 2004
A promiscuous homosexual.
What a homho, he wanted to suck my cock.
by larry November 12, 2003
The implication of either a) sarcasm (that is usually already overtly obvious) or b) a double entendre. Can be done just physically or both physically and verbally at the same time; but more often than not is just spoken.
Has been known to be shortened to "Nudge nudge" or nudging someone twice and saying, "Eh eh?"
a) "Scott is definitely not pussy whipped, wink wink nudge nudge"
b) "Let's have a round of golf, I'll let you play with my balls. Wink wink nudge nudge"
by Larry December 05, 2007
Same as mighty , strongand united
Used when saying something is too great to defeat.
this is a Nombliz war, we don't stand a chance.
by Larry July 05, 2003
Unit of scientific measure used to express anything and everything. It is as the mol, only more inclusive.
There are 13 shoja of words in that carton of ice cream.
by Larry October 15, 2004
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