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A very good kick ass album that is filled with great rhythm and solo sections. Many consider "One" to be one of the greatest works kirk hammett ever did with his guitar. Sit down, shut the fuck up, and LISTEN TO THIS GOD DAMNED ALBUM!
"Harvester of sorrow...language of the mad"
by Kenny October 14, 2004
eating a cheeseburger while taking a shit and recieving oral pleasure all at the same time
Jane gives the best fat elvis' in town!
by kenny July 27, 2004
whats worse than hell
Hell is forever, Cooper Union just seems like it
by kenny January 11, 2005
Something pertaining to something else that is cool...
That shit is Active.
by Kenny May 06, 2003
Basically the principal that men are more sexually attracted and aroused to new females after a certain amount of time. The term comes from an old joke according to which President Calvin Coolidge and his wife were at a government farm one day and were taken around on separate tours. Mrs. Coolidge, passing the chicken pens, inquired of a supervisor whether the lone rooster was sufficient, given the many hens in the chicken flock.

"Yes", the man said, "the rooster works very hard."

Mrs. Coolidge then asked, "Really? The rooster works very hard? Every day?"

"Oh, yes," the man said. "Dozens of times a day."

"Interesting!" Mrs. Coolidge replied, "Be sure to tell that to the President!"

Some time later the President, passing the same pens, was told about the roosters - and about his wife's remark. "Same hen every time?", he asked.

"Oh, no, a different one each time," the supervisor replied.

"Tell that," Coolidge said with a sly nod, "to Mrs. Coolidge."

The Coolidge comes into effect in the porno industry, where 'Fluffers' are used to get male porn stars erect before a scene, if they've been with the main actress so long.
"I mean, I love her and all... But i'm just SO greedy. Sometimes, I hate the Coolidge Effect. Luckily she's bisexual."
by Kenny May 12, 2006
A vacation spot in MD, with everything you look for in a summer vacation. Though expensive, you must visit a few times in your life.
Ocean City is the place to be on the 4th of July.
by Kenny December 07, 2004
A bad or ugly injury, or deep gash in the flesh.
"He has a nasty flesh wound"
by Kenny March 09, 2005

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