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to toss a large amount of chips into a pot (esp. in poker), rendering the total value of the pot obscure
"Teddy, don't splash the pot."
"This is my club, so i will splash the pot whenever the feck i please."
by katan July 28, 2004
one who makes a living by playing poker
"Everyday he works from 9-5 just grinding it out."
"That's what it takes to be a rounder."
by katan July 28, 2004
In a card game, when no cards to come can could give a player the best hand, he is drawing dead.
"I can't believe you caught that flush on the turn because now I'm drawing dead."
by katan July 28, 2004
A type of nuclear reactor used as a major source of power in Europe. Because of the TMI incident, the US has chosen not to capitalize on the vast potential of the Breeder reactor.
"We finally got rid of the POS wind farms and got us a breeder!"
by katan July 28, 2004
A restaurant or bar with a poker game always going on in the back room.
"Easy money? Yeah, we could hit up that goulash joint on 53rd."
by katan July 28, 2004
French for "freeze-dried"
"J'aime les frites lyophilises"
by katan July 28, 2004
to play poker very patiently, waiting for others' mistakes, absorbing information, never wavering, seeing all the angles, and slowly augmenting the bankroll
"He has paid half his way through law school grinding it out at the table every day."
by katan July 28, 2004

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