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a general term to describe when your brain is engaged, but you aren't getting anywhere.

a) where you can't make a decision ... usually because there is too much information to process

b) where you can't even get a grip on a problem because it is beyond the scope of your brain.
Diane - I slept like crap last night.

Mike - Oh? Too bad. Was it from gut rot from that jalepeno shrimp or brainspin from your BCP exercises at work??

Diane - Definitely brainspin. I just can't get a handle on the whole BCP thing. It is sooooo complicated.

Mike - Why don't you just past it off to your boss? Let him handle it?

Diane - Are you kidding!?!? He's such a PHB, he tries to divide by zero. This would brainspin his head right off his shoulders.
by karbyn February 16, 2010
a) the spouse of a facebook addict, not usually referring to a facebooker

b) a person (often a facebook refuser or facebookophobe) who's spouse or significant other has left them for facebook, often as a result of consistent facebook binge-ing
Samantha: Have you talked to Jill lately?
Roberta: No, she's too busy with the kids now that she's a facebook widow.
by karbyn September 17, 2007
a coma induced by a powerpoint presentation that is too long (lol, arent they all?), too terrible (lol, arent they all?), or poorly presented (lol, arent they all?)
- uh-oh My Audience has fallen into a powerpoint coma
- The only thing I can do now is put them in funny poses and leave.

(quoted from Scott Adams, dilbert.com/strips/comic/2010-06-25/)
by karbyn June 25, 2010
to pass a bitch off to someone else. She might be a total bitch always, or just a bitch right now.

Especially to ditch her by setting her up with another guy, whether that's for dating or just to get some breathing room for the night. It could also be to her friends.
Jim - Hey dude. Where's Erin tonight?

Sam - She was getting on my nerves, so I rebitched her to Amanda.

Jim - Awesome. Billy and I are on our way! Woo hoo!!!
by karbyn January 11, 2010
what happens when you're trying to think about something, but you're brain either
a) just won't engage, or

b) does engage, but won't provide any traction for your thoughts
Steve - Hey Bob, what's the ... uhhh ...
Bob - Out with it dude.
Steve - Dunno man. Total brainslip.


Joanne - Hey Suzie, how's your term paper coming along?
Suzie - Its not. I can sit for hours and think about it, but I just get total brainslip
Joanne - Haha ... just like the clutch in your old Datsun used to slip after you ground the gears out learning to drive.
Suzie - (moans) Oh, its worse than that!!
by karbyn February 09, 2010
the reverse of liposuction.

a) Where you have such a skinny ass that you can't keep your pants on and you need to have fat pushed into your body.

b) what someone who is too skinny needs to have a normal body.
Jack: Look, you can see Hannah's crack when she is just standing there. She can't keep her pants around her waist.

Jill: Yeah, I know. If she got lipopushion they'd stay up.
by karbyn March 03, 2008
when you've just been bitched at, nagged at, or otherwise had a strip torn out of you by your woman, you go and recap or retell the session to your friend.
Jim - Hey dude. What's up?

Sam - Fuck man. I brought home the wrong kind of vodka. You shoulda heard her:

Sam - Hey babe!

Jackie - You got my vodka? Oh yeah. Oh for christ's sake. You were suppposed to get me peach vodka, not pear vodka. Christ, I send you out for a simple task and you can't even get that right.

Sam - Oops. I always forget which fruit you like

Jackie - Jeezus. Did you get the kalhua?

Sam - Well ....

Jackie - Oh just forget it. I'll just do it myself. I blah blah blah ....

Oh yeah, she's was never letting up

Jim - Sorry bout that man. Sometimes a man can do no right.

Sam - Ack. Forget it. I'm just rebitching
by karbyn January 11, 2010

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