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Right now, anyone can declare a piece of land as a micronation. That means you self-declare as a country. The trick is getting other sovereign nations to recognize you. So far, not one micronation is recognized. Sealand would be about the closest one so far. That doesn't mean you can't declare yourself as your own nation, and act like it.

- to retreat into a shell that's a helluva lot smaller than a nanonation, usually because of some traumatic experience
Mike: Hey John. Have you seen Murmel today?
John: Ya. But she's gone fetal in her piconation and only sucking her thumb between beers.

Mike: What?!?! Why?
John: Ya she was gang banged last night at Jill's party after she did Joey on the table and then passed out.
by karbyn April 12, 2010
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