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a slang term for the vagina
Mr. Lincoln loves to work in the Oval Office
by Iron Balls September 08, 2006
70 15
A toilet
OMG WTF! You clogged the oval office!
by Dbres February 18, 2012
8 0
The toilet. This word is usually associated with excessive vomiting due to massive intake of alcohol, a hangover, or projectile diarrhea
Jimmy totally dominated the oval office after 18 beers and $25 worth of Taco Bell.
by Griffin Reed January 15, 2008
23 48
Most people might not know this (well maybe you do) but the White House is actually a huge mental institute, home to the USA's biggest crackpots. The Oval Office is the maximum security cell-the biggest one of them all, and it's home to "Inmate F.U.C.K.T.A.R.D." also known as George Bush.
...So yeah, stay away from the Oval Office.
by Mr. HEUYGWRUFJWSB September 10, 2006
31 57