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Any entity which has the appearance of being a sovereign state but isn't.

Micronations are usually created and maintained by one person or family. Many exist solely on the internet, or in the imagination of their creators. Some have a more corporeal existence, occupying a defined - albeit often tiny - geographical areas, and producing arefacts such as stamps, coins, banknotes, passports, medals and flags.

Micronations are generally viewed as eccentric and vaguely amusing by most external observers.

Micronations should not to be confused with microstates, which are small legitimate sovereign states such as the Vatican, Monaco, Andorra or San Marino.

Nor should they be confused with legitimate self-determination or secessionist groups, who are typically have many hundreds or thousands of active supporters.
Sealand, an abandoned World War 2 gun platform off the coast of Essex, is the world's best known micronation.
by frankenheim March 23, 2009
While this once was a term indicating a small sovereign nations, it now refers to any group of people, or even an individual, self-proclaiming statehood under the auspices of a simulation or roleplaying game, as a hobby, or even simply for purposes of internet socializing, most commonly by children under the age of consent.

Do not confuse a micronation with a sessessionist state or Pocket State, the latter are serious political movements and groups.
That's not a real country! That's just St. Charlie or Atlantium, you know...micronations!
by Wantoon October 01, 2011
A small nation, usually based on the Internet.
I joined the micronation Amokolia on the internet.
by Jess H. October 28, 2007
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