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the act of self abuse whilst simultaneously inserting a dildo in your arse thus recreating the motion of a climber descending a cliff
Jim was speechless when he came into the office to find Ronald abseiling on his desk
by marcus and gaz August 20, 2003
The male act of masturbating your pork sword whilst slyly fingering your own bum hole. Its has an uncanny resemblance to the mountaineering activity of abseiling.
fellow 1: Dad?!!?? what are you doing?
fellow 2: Son, Im abseiling.
fellow 1: I can see that. but why in my room??
by DuncanH June 25, 2009
Abseiling (from the German: abseilen, "to rope down") is the process of descending a rope under control, used in rock climbing, mountaineering, caving and canyoneering; used to descend cliffs or slopes too steep to walk down.
"We spent the morning abseiling and rock-climbing."
"the activity was abseiling down a tree off a platform."
by JBScopel April 17, 2008
Male masturbation technique involving the spare hand working a dildo or houshold item into the anus; mirroring the movements of abseiling.
person: "hey min, why has the toilet brush got pooh on it."
second person: "i went abseiling"
person: "ok"
by g0053 April 21, 2011
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