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74 definitions by julia

Au pairing is living with a foreign family, taking care of the children while the parents are working.
Here the differences as to normal au-pairs: more responsability, clearly defined working hours, social benefits as holidays etc., greater separation of work and private life and more independence as nannies often do not live with the family, higher wages.
by Julia May 15, 2003
short for between. often used when writing notes during lectures.
She was sitting btwn them.
by julia January 07, 2005
someone who is so cute that your eyes think they are delicious
'Orlando Bloom is so freaking cutielicious'
by Julia January 03, 2005
Mittens for little tiny kittens when it gets cold in the out-of-doors.
The cutest crap ever!!
by Julia June 22, 2004
The term used by celebrity publicists when two celebrities (or a celebrity and a non-celebrity) are having a casual sexual relationship. The term is emphasized when one of the people is underage.
16-year-old Hillary Duff and the 25-year-old man she has been seen making out with are just good friends.
by Julia July 12, 2004
mother, lady
she was one bad mamba jamba
by julia May 24, 2004
moonlight (in arabic)
pronounced: MAAAH-tohb
by Julia June 19, 2003