74 definitions by julia

When something smells like another thing tastes.
Bleu cheese salad dressing smastes like paint.
by Julia January 03, 2005
Boltonian term for Ice Cream Van
"Are you goin down't icky van? Gerrus a panda cola and some penny chews"
by Julia January 22, 2004
to cuddle when drunk and trying to pretend that no one noticed and denying the next day.
Katie and David fimed last night during prom.
by Julia January 29, 2005
Another word for having sex
"I like your syle, wanna blast?"
by Julia January 08, 2003
the study of ghettoness
a ghettologists could study ghetto things a person says or does
by Julia February 25, 2005
When a gay guy has stuck his dick into the partners anal hole and it comes out with crap all over it.
Master, you gave me a hot henry!
by Julia January 31, 2005
genitilia of the red-haired male
The Linz's torte swelled when he saw the pretty girl.
by julia December 10, 2003

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