74 definitions by julia

Fucking beautiful. Amazing. Being extremely good in bed.
That girl is so Jamie.
by julia January 09, 2005
Mittens for little tiny kittens when it gets cold in the out-of-doors.
The cutest crap ever!!
by Julia June 22, 2004
a loud farting noise
when someone goes boompsity boompse!!!!!!!
by Julia October 15, 2004
Something that is really GAY, used by mostly homosexual men when they use the term GAY as an insult.
"Dude you are being so Gahey"
by Julia January 19, 2004
a whore who has sex with everybody for fun
Noel King

"that girl over there is a real big slam whore she did all of mp and 80% of southmoreland"
by Julia March 24, 2004
your shoes
yo, yo kicks are raw
by julia November 07, 2003
replacement for mackerel (as in holy mackerel) to expresses deeper frustration or shock. see example. can only be used with "holy." also replaces "holy crap."
Holy Fuckerel!
by Julia August 04, 2003

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