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Founding Member of the Harlem Diplomats (Dipset Byrdgang).
Human Crack in the flesh.
Santana the Great.
Prince of New York.
Harlems Gangsta.
Ay yo, Juelz Santana is bananas. That new Dipset joint is off the hook.
by Jiggaman April 12, 2005
The disgusting hair ball of fur, looking like a dead rat on the genital area of either men or women. The huge afro like atrosity can also be refered to as Bob Marley between the legs can be easily solved with scissors or hair clippers. (Often found in Eastern lands)
As Raj pulled off Sanjita's clothes he was greated with sight of a mufro. He immediately complained of a headache
by Jiggaman April 15, 2005
A disgusting shriveled shit look a like, which burries itself in the sand in the olden times and would grant wishes.
Gareth: That old man has very wrinkly skin and i bet he smells of shit.
Tim: I would say he is the actual Samiad.
by Jiggaman April 14, 2005
both brutal and ruthless
The beating the Masked Cabana took in that fight was bruthless!
by jiggaman November 28, 2004
When a dangerous case of diarrea catches you short without a nearby toilet. Unable to hold in 'the shits' the person must soil themselves. Normally a solid shit would leave them with cement pants however with the runs the stale faeces drips down their legs and socks into their feet, leaving them with scwelching shit feet.
Jamie: Mum...HELP, i had the shits on the way home and now i've got dribble feet.
by Jiggaman April 14, 2005
Carnival Folk, one with small hands and freakish appearance to be laughed at by normal people
Look at you, you carny bastard
by Jiggaman April 12, 2005
When ones trousers have been pulled to their ankles and had the gurth of an oak tree pummeling the persons backside because of economic and financial decisions.
Lee:Oi this bottle cost me £3.50!
Andy: That's a big Dave if ever i saw one.
Chris: A royal raping at it's best.
by Jiggaman April 14, 2005
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