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A one eyed pirate is when you blow a load in a girls ey while simultaneously kicking her in the shin forcing her to resemble a pirate with one eye and a bad leg
She screamed when I gave her a one eyed pirate
by Jesse May 25, 2004
Gigantic breasts on a girl.
Damn, she got some tigole bitties.
by Jesse October 20, 2004
A.K.A. 'Spogangster' - A person between ages of 12 and 25, lives in Spokane, skinny, white, shaved headed blonde facial hair, South Pole, JNCO, loves Lil Jon, loves J Lo, fat girlfriend shops at Deb, thinks US POLO ASSN. is actually Polo, drive a shitty car with subs, hangs out at Northtown Mall and Division St., fake bling. No style sensibility. Oh and dont forget the sideways G-Unit hat. Has no idea that Spokane is not a huge city. Spokane is one of the safest cities in the West.
"Im a Spokangster. I'm living a life of failure."
"Im a Spokangster...word up...oh sorry dogg I gtg cuz my mom be blowin up my cel."
by Jesse March 22, 2005
what REALLY black people call showers
Hey Manny can i borrow your rainbox.
by Jesse November 25, 2004
When the passenger, upon entering an automobile, pulls the door handle at the same time the driver presses the "unlock" button. This creates a state of limbo where the driver thinks the door is unlocked, but the passenger cannot enter the vehichle. Until the driver presses the unlock button again (without the passenger's interference), the two said parties are stuck in a state of confusion, resulting in roadytart.
Charles popped the door handle twice - a signal that we were engaged in roadytart.
by Jesse March 16, 2005
Newly defined term amongst scenesters for jocks and preps, derived from their constant use of "YEAH DUDE!"
Scenester: Some yeah dude just called me a fag cause I'm wearing tight girl pants.
by Jesse March 15, 2005
Jerking off in the shower
I made shower babies the other day when my girlfriend was out of town
by Jesse October 29, 2003

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