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old person
hey kid, you should go help that croned woman cross the street.
by sbrna October 08, 2003
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verb. To chill so hard that it is within the realm of possibility to be mistaken for being either asleep or even dead
You are too uptight. You need to sit back and crone for a while.
by DJNightRave January 30, 2011
n. An old ass ugly woman
That crone drive faster than you
by FlyAway July 21, 2011
evil women or witch bitch
a witch is also know as a crone
by emma March 22, 2005
means totally sweet, awesome, fukkin brilliant.

also can refer to 'the chronic' ie marijuana.

originated from reddog on MSN Messenger who, after anyone said something totall sweet, would say "man that is crone i cant wait to do it" !
Snowboarding is crone

wanna smoke some crone? it will be crone!!
by matteyz August 14, 2005
another term for the female genitalia; vulva, but namely vagina
"Man, Larry really did ride my crone really hard last night."

"Have a look at this crone! It's top-notch!"
by J.Walt August 28, 2008
the dirtiest word known to man; also see cunt, taint, or brown star
dude, i towtched her crone. also see towtch
by jesse October 23, 2004

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