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192 definitions by jesse

An attempt to hide hair loss on the head which has become obvious. Usually done by males. Usually looks worse than the baldness that the person is attempting to hide.
See vain.
by Jesse March 07, 2004
Spanish Word meaning fuck
" ese wey se va ir a pisar esa morra "
by Jesse March 28, 2005
A projectile fart of a certain liquid and sonic magnitude.
"Did you rip ass?"
"Yeah, Spray Fart"

"The Ric just spray farted. I think he's in the bathroom checking for stains"

*Alternate spelling: spray faht
by jesse March 09, 2005
A name for an absolutely gorgeous girl who loves Star Trek, Lord of The Rings, Magic: The Gathering, etc. A Star Trek princess actually likes these things on her own will, not just because her boyfriend does.
for every 25 guys at a star trek convention there is 1 girl... and of those girls 1 in 10 is a star trek princess...
by Jesse October 07, 2006
Scratchy is a cat that has been teamed up with a psychotic mouse named Itchy. Itchy usually has quiet interesting ways of disposing of Scratchy. The exploits of this cat and mouse team are featured on The Simpsons.
Scratchy has been cut up by various implements, burned alive, had his internal organs ripped out of him on several occasions, had his eyes knocked out with a hammer, and so on.
Scratchy has only been able to defeat Itchy once.
by Jesse March 03, 2004
A one eyed pirate is when you blow a load in a girls ey while simultaneously kicking her in the shin forcing her to resemble a pirate with one eye and a bad leg
She screamed when I gave her a one eyed pirate
by Jesse May 25, 2004
Gigantic breasts on a girl.
Damn, she got some tigole bitties.
by Jesse October 20, 2004